These musicals are more sophisticated than  MUSICALS A They range in age appropriateness, some more suitable to Middle School, some decidedly Senior in orientation and others suitable for all ages.




The witches from Macbeth come forward in time, having created mischief  in 11th century Scotland. They arrive at Broadview High School at a time when the captaincy of the first softball team and first cricket team are up for grabs. So to is the prestigious role of school captain. There are vying contenders who fall under the spell of the witches….all except one student, Shambles, a most unlikely contender.


Written by David Dunn

Songs by David Dunn

Arrangements by Russell Welsh

Large cast and chorus…….10 songs….downloadable backing tracks ANd vocal guide track



This is the true story of an amazing woman: Mary Frith. She crossed Elizabethan, Jacobean and Restoration boundaries, famously stating: “ When I die let them bury me with my feet facing heaven so that I may be as preposterous in death as I was in life!”

SAYS IT ALL! Historically accurate, serious, comedic, choreographic

and highly theatrical.


Written by David Dunn

Songs by David Dunn and Mark Howard

Arrangements by David Dunn, Mark Howard, Lydia Saroto and Peter Noble

Large cast and chorus.   10 songs….downloadable backing tracks AND vocal guide tracks

Roaring Girls Come out Tonight (Roaring Girl)
00:00 / 02:20
Lay Me My Money Down (Roaring Girl)
00:00 / 02:41

This video is of Nuworks adults in performance. There is another clip on the  adolescent page with Nuworks Youth. Here, we highlight the potential for a live on stage band.



We all know the stories about Backbeard and Jack Sparrow, much less known ( of course! ) the deeds of Anne Bonny and Mary Read  two of the fiercest pirates to sail the Carribean. This is a true tale with some embellishment that records the exploits of Bonny and Read and the extraordinary coincidence that brought them face to face on board Calico Jack's ship….. a rollicking piratical adventure.


Written by David Dunn

Songs by Mark Howard and David Dunn

Large cast and chorus……10 songs…..downloadable backing tracks AND vocal guide tracks

14 Meet My Maker (pitch 0.00 - tempo 100)
00:00 / 02:50
01 Yo-Ho (pitch 0.00 - tempo 100)
00:00 / 02:08



Jeremy: Tempting as it is to get right to the happy ending, we should really begin at the beginning because as we all know, the journey is often much more interesting than the destination and life’s invaluable lessons, of which there are many, are not learned overnight. 

I was born. (baby cries) My father was a piano tuner by trade and he listened intently.

Father: No… no… no… definitely not.

Mother: Is there a problem dear.

Father: Yes, I’m afraid there is.

Jeremy: He said with a frown spreading across his face.

Father: He’s definitely mine, you’re certain?

Mother: Yes dear.

Jeremy: My father’s frown widened.

Mother: Is there something wrong dear.

Father: I should say there is, can you not hear it?

Mother: No, he’s crying but that’s normal enough, babies cry dear. If it concerns you, why don’t you move to the back room for a while. You’ll get an uninterrupted night’s sleep there.

Father: It’s not the sleep, it’s the pitch and the tone, in particular the pitch.

Mother: The pitch dear?

Father: Far from perfect… I was rather hoping for something more melliferous

Mother: Melliferous?

JEREMY'S journey from reluctant student to rock star!


Written by David Dunn

Songs by David Dunn and Peter Noble

Arrangements by David Dunn, Lydia Saroto and Peter Noble

Large cast and chorus.....10 songs......downloadable backing tracks AND vocal guide tracks

01-01. Expelled
00:00 / 02:46
05-05. When You're In A Gang
00:00 / 02:14




Count Dracula leaves Transalvania with his faithful sidekick Renfield in search of his long lost love Lucy West. He relocates to the delapidated Carfax Abby in England where he not only reignites his relationship with Lucy but comes face to face with the descendant of his arch enemy Professor Van Helsing.


Written by David Dunn

Songs by David Dunn

Arrangements by Russell Welsh

Large cast and chorus…..10. songs…downloadable backing tracks AND vocal guide tracks